15 Essential Travel Hacks in 2024 When You Have No Money

15 Essential Travel Hacks in 2024 When You Have No Money

Have you ever wondered about exploring the world with no money? Maybe it sounds strange but it is possible! No Money, No Problem! Undoubtedly, traveling is the dream of many, However, sometimes hefty expenses create hurdles between your dream journey and you. Traveling hacks are perfect for exploring the world without emptying your wallets.

Whether you are a solo traveler or planning a family tour smart traveling hacks get you and manage your expenses. Join us in this article, we will share 15 proven travel hacks in 2024 when you have no money. Hopefully, with these hacks, you can save thousands of dollars on travel costs. Let’s get started!

Things to Consider Before Leave Home

First of all, you have to collect information about the destination where you plan to go. Must inquire about the free attractions, things to do, local cuisine, and availability of public transportation.  If you plan to visit a nearby hill station or area, you can bring cooked food and other essentials that lessen your expenses.

The ultimate traveling hacks are as follows, have a look! 

1. Sign Up for Fare Alerts on Flights

Fare Alerts on Flights

To choose the best decision and reasonable traveling expense sign up for the fare alerts of different flights. If you are eyeing flight fairs you can track cheap tickets on the flights and save money. With flight alerts, you can select a date range, and search for the best deals to your travel destination within your pocket range. 


  • Sign up for different traveling sites
  • Regular check updates
  • On Auto alerts/ notification
  • Subscribe to their channels

2. Travel Light to Avoid Checked Luggage Fees

Travel Light

Traveling light can save you a major amount of money by escaping checked luggage fees. Pack efficiently means packing just compulsory travel essentials and carry-on, eliminating the risk of lost luggage and extra charges in airport processes.

You can use packing cubes not only to manage but compress your clothes as well. pack clothes according to the weather and invest in travel-sized toiletries or refillable bottles to save cost.


  • Don’t fold, just roll
  • Pack multi-purpose items
  • Wear layers on the plane
  • Use a lightweight, durable carry-on bag

3. Plan Your Trip During Off-Peak Seasons

Trip During Off-Peak Seasons

Off-peak seasons can reduce costs for flights, accommodation, and attractions. So, it is good to research the destinations and find the off-peak times. Normally, just before or after the high peak season, is the ideal time to discover the destinations.

It’s a time when you can enjoy fewer crowds, better availability, and more captures every moment without worrying about cost. So, take advantage of off-peak seasons where the weather is still pleasant but prices are minor.


  • Avoid holiday seasons like New Year, Christmas, or school vacations
  • Look for discounts on accommodation and attractions
  • Check fare comparison websites for the best rates

4. Prioritize Walking or Biking Over Paid Transport

Motorcycle Adventure

When you are tight on budget, nothing can be a great option than walking or biking to explore the destination.  When you save money on transportation, it means you can spend more time in your dreamland. It’s also a smart way to stay active and discover hidden gems that you might miss using transport. So, if you are at a stunning destination inquire about its safe biking routes and pedestrian-friendly areas.


  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Rent a bike for longer distances
  • Explore local parks walking trails

5. Swap Hotels for Hostels or Couchsurfing

Swap Hotels for Hostels

If you choose hostels or couchsurfing to stay near your attraction, it can extremely cut accommodation costs. Hostels charge per day and give access to a kitchen where you can easily cook meals.  On the flip side, Couchsurfing offers a unique social experience by staying with locals.

It’s not only good to save money but also a source to know about the hospitality of locals and their culture. The best way is, to always read reviews about hostels and communicate clearly with your host before arrival.


  • Opt for hostels where breakfast is complimentary
  • Choose hostels that give access to kitchens
  • Respect your host’s space and set a rate early

6. Leverage Local Free Activities

Local Free Activities

Several destinations offer a range of free activities, such as public parks, and museums that offer free admission on specific days.

During holidays you can enjoy the cultural festivals with no money. Travelers can enjoy free activities like hiking, beach outings, and exploring historical landmarks. It’s a golden chance to experience the local culture without spending money.


  • Take advantage of free museum days
  • Explore street art and free exhibitions
  • Attend free live music and free night shows

7. Embrace Overnight Buses or Trains

Overnight Buses or Trains

If you are on long-distance travel, then using overnight buses or trains can be a great move to save money. It not only saves the cost of transport but accommodation as well for a night. 

This hack expands your time by traveling while you sleep. So, look for comfortable and safe overnight buses with resting seats or sleeper cabins.

Don’t forget to bring a travel pillow, blanket, earplugs, eye mask for a more comfortable journey.


  • Choose a reputable transportation company                                                                                                      
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Use a sleep mask and earplugs
  • Be alert for robbers

8. Utilize Cooking Facilities at Accommodations

Cooking Facilities at Accommodations

Cooking facilities at your accommodation are just amazing hacks. It satisfies meals that you intake are completely hygienic and reduces food costs too. Hostels, vacation rentals, and some hotels offer kitchen access.

You can shop at local markets for fresh and affordable ingredients and ready your meal. The best part is, that cooking your meals also allows you to try traditional recipes and local produce.


  • Store leftovers for future meals
  • Share cooking duties
  • Use reusable containers and bag

9. Pack a Reusable Water Bottle and Snacks

Reusable Water Bottle

Carrying a refillable water bottle and snacks helps you stay hydrated and nourished while on the way, and of course save money. Fill your bottle at water fountains and avoid buying expensive bottled water. Pack snacks like nuts, and fruits to avoid high prices at tourist spots. Choose a water bottle that easily fits in your bag, durable and lightweight.


  • Bring a refillable bottle
  • Pack a variety of healthy snacks
  • Use resalable bags or containers
  • Avoid delicate items that spoil quickly

10. Use Student, Youth, or Teacher Discounts

Student, Youth, or Teacher travel Discounts

Many natural attractions like parks, museums, transport services, and accommodations offer discounts specially for students, youth, and teachers. If you relate to any of them, must carry a valid ID or an international student card to save on cost. when purchasing tickets or booking services, ask if they offer any discount for students or teachers. This can significantly reduce expenses and make more activities inexpensive.


  • Research discounts in advance
  • Check if digital copies of IDs are accepted or not
  • Always carry your ID

11. Agree in Exchange for Accommodation

Exchange for Accommodation

Want to travel with little money? So, agreeing or work in exchange for accommodation is a great way to save money. This arrangement offers free housing and sometimes includes free meals. Confirm you understand the work necessities and agree on terms before committing.


  • Research about the host and read reviews
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Be respectful and hardworking in your work

12. Join Free City Walking Tours

Free City Walking Tours

Another best way to save on travel is free city walking tours. In this way, you can explore a new destination while learning about the destination’s culture and history. Connect with reputable tour companies and read reviews before joining the tour. It’s good to give a tip to your guide for the quality tour.


  •  Bring a small bag for things
  • Stay hydrated and bring a water bottle
  • Ask questions and involve with the guide

13. Earn While You Travel

Earn While You Travel

Earning money while traveling to manage your expenses and stay longer. Consider freelance work, working in hostels, teaching English, or picking up seasonal jobs. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer remote freelance job opportunities.


  • Update your resume before traveling
  • Join online job platforms
  • Learn basic phrases in the local language
  • Be versatile to do different types of work

14. Seek Out Free WiFi Spots

Seek Out Free WiFi Spots

Free WiFi spots are vital for staying connected without suffering data charges. Many libraries, cafes, public squares, and transportation hubs offer free WiFi.

Use apps to discover free WiFi hotspots and plan your day around these locations to stay connected without money. Don’t forget to use a VPN for security when using public networks.


  • Make a list of reliable WiFi spots
  • Download maps
  • Use a VPN to protect your data
  • Ask locals for the best WiFi locations

15. Use Public Transportation Passes

Public Transportation Passes

Last but not least, use public transportation that offers significant savings, especially for longer stays. Many cities provide daily, weekly, or monthly passes that allow unlimited travel on trains, buses, and trams. These special passes are usually cheaper than buying a single ticket for any travel.  


  • Check if passes cover all transport modes
  • Compare the cost of passes and single tickets
  • Keep your pass accessible for checking
  • Plan your routes using journey apps


Travel hacks work like magic when you are on the go. They help you to save a lot of accommodation, dining, activities, and attraction exploration. Hopefully, travel hacks in 2024 when you have no money will help you to make the most of your traveling experience.

With these hacks, you can stretch your budget and make your trips even more affordable. So, say goodbye to the stress of traveling expenses, pack your bag, and step out to explore your dreamland.


How Can I Make Money While Traveling?

 Obviously, you can!  You can make money by teaching English, freelancing, doing a job at a restaurant, becoming a guide, and selling your skills on the go.

How Do Travel Alerts Save Money on Flights?

Travelers can save money by signing up the different tourist websites or flight apps. Further, they can subscribe to different channels for updates and turn on notifications for the newest fares of flights.

How to Stay Safe While Using Public Transportation?

Don’t show your valuable things, stay alert, know the way you exit, secure your belongings, and keep a close eye on where you are going. which means you have to gather some knowledge about the road through the map.

What’s the Best Way to Find Local Free Activities?

Check the tourism websites, and research local free areas and their offering online. Check the newspaper to stay updated with free festivals, and visit specific days for museum-free entry.

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