How to Travel for Cheap as a Student – 10 Secret Ways (2024 Updated)

How to Travel for Cheap as a Student - 10 Secret Ways (2024 Updated)

Traveling as a student is not easy as it might be difficult for students to cover travel expenses on their own. Affordable trips for students may seem impossible just because of limited financial resources.

As a student, you can go for budget-friendly travel with proper planning, choosing affordable accommodations and travel destinations. Also, you can make it happen by following various budget planning tips.

In this blog, we will guide you about how to travel for cheap as a student in the form of budget-friendly tips, hacks, and strategies.

How to Travel for Cheap as a Student?

Traveling can be challenging for students especially when they are not doing any jobs. There are many ways to travel for cheap as a student. The following are some essential budget-friendly hacks or tips that you should follow as a student to make your travel experience memorable:

1. Make Proper Planning

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You can plan your trip in a budget-friendly way by searching for budget-friendly accommodations and airlines. You can go and explore various regions where prices are normally low as compared to famous European regions.

Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and Central America are some of the budget-friendly regions that you can explore. Also, you need to book your tickets and accommodations earlier to get student deals and packages.

Secret Tip: Avoid travel during peak seasons and keep your journey flexible.

2. Go for Student Deals

Student travel Deals
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When searching for different airlines, you can get various student deals in which ticket prices are low. The best way to get students deals is during off-peak season when prices are low. Other than flight tickets, you can also search for student deals in accommodations.

While searching for student deals, make sure that you read the customer reviews earlier. By doing so, you can book the best option in less price.

Secret Tip: Instead of booking hotels, it is recommended to book hostels in which you won’t have to pay more.

3. Avoid Eating from Restaurants

Avoid Eating from Restaurants
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Eating out constantly from expensive restaurants gets expensive. If you want to save your expenses during travel, it is recommended to cook meals and use public kitchens. You can use a public kitchen when there’s a kitchen in the space in which you live.

In other public kitchens, you can use guest kitchens in various hostels where you can cook your food in a budget-friendly way. Also, you can rent kitchens for one hour or two hours.

Secret Tip: If you want to eat from a restaurant, try to go for budget-friendly options.

4. Start Save Some Money Earlier

Save Some Money
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If you want to travel, try to save some money earlier in the form of chunks. After saving enough money, you can start planning your journey when you think you have enough money in your hand. By saving enough money earlier, you do not have pressure to meet all travel expenses at one time.

If it’s difficult for you to save money every month, you can deposit a small amount from your pocket money in the bank. By depositing money in a bank, there’s no headache to maintain and avoid spending money.

Secret Tip: You can avoid spending saved money by depositing it into your bank account.

5. Try Free Things & Explore Budget-friendly Attractions

Free fun activities
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Various places all over the world come with budget-friendly attractions and free things to do. For example, if you want to explore Florida, you need to search about free things to do in Florida and budget-friendly attractions.

Also, you can visit museums, parks, and beaches for free to rejuvenate your mood. So, it’s best to accommodate your travel expenses by exploring free attractions/ spots.

6. Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Discounts and Loyalty Programs
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To avail of discounts and loyalty programs, you can use various student travel cards. Also, various cities all over the world offer tourist cards in which you can explore various destinations at a discounted price.

Just like discounted prices, you can go for loyalty programs too. The best way to earn loyalty points is by using various discounted apps that can help you cash loyalty points and offers.

Secret Tip: When booking, flights and accommodations, don’t hesitate to ask about student discounts or last-minute deals.

7. Track Travel Expenses

Track Travel Expenses
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When you budget and track your travel expenses on time, you can easily manage your expenses. You can determine your travel budget by installing the Trail Wallet app on mobile to budget and track your expenses regularly.

Set one budget and try to stick to it. Any day in which you think you exceed more than the estimated budget, try to compensate expenses accordingly. By doing so, you cannot run out of budget.

Secret Tip: To cover unexpected costs, try to spare some money in the form of an emergency fund.

8. Pack Light

Light luggage
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Packing smart and wisely can help you save travel expenses as you won’t have to pay for overweight checked-in luggage. Try to pack only those things that you think are essential during your travel journey and avoid packing unnecessary things.

You can pack some travel essentials like clothes, a phone, charger, headphones and books. Also, you can pack some multipurpose items if you want.

Secret Tip: If you want to travel during winter, try to wear bulkier items like jackets and shoes to free up extra space. Also don’t forget to bring packing cubes with you.

9. Explore Overseas Jobs

Overseas Job search
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When you want to travel on a student visa, the travel expenses may be lower than regular travel. You can explore various overseas jobs. Also, if you are still in any overseas country, you can extend your visa by working abroad.

You can search and explore various overseas jobs on two famous sites i.e., AnyworkAnywhere and Season Workers. If you are an English-speaking student and want to enhance your skills, you can search for a relative job.

Secret Tip: While exploring different jobs, ensure that you get the right job without any scams or fraud.

10. Use Public Transportation

Use Public Transportation
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Car rental expenses are more as compared to public transportation. If you want to save commuting expenses while traveling from one destination to another, try using public transportation. Abroad, public transport systems are great with low fare prices.

When you travel through public transport, you may see famous attractions of the place without paying a single penny.

Secret Tip: If you love walking or riding a bike, you can do it as well to save your travel expenses.

Final Words!

How to travel for cheap as a student? With a little strategy and planning, you can cost-effectively travel the world as a student. Use these 10 secret ways to save your dollars further, experience new cultures, and create unforgettable memories.

Follow the mentioned tips and remain flexible in spending your money, flights, and destinations. So, pack your bags, get ready to explore the world, and make unforgettable memories without breaking the bank!


1. What is the value of student travel?

Student travel lets students explore the entire world while providing education and job opportunities. Also, they have a better opportunity to explore the world from a whole different perspective. Moreover, they can make new friends, and colleagues and explore travel ideas with one another.

2. Why do students need to travel?

Students need to travel just to make unforgettable memories and new connections. Also, travel allows students to make new connections, interact with other students, and connect with the local community.

3. How can you travel but not spend too much money?

You can travel but not spend too much money as a student by not going to heavy-tourist attractions. Also, you can easily make your travel experience budget-friendly by going for cheap accommodation options.

4. Should students travel abroad?

Yes, students should travel abroad and develop interpersonal, cognitive, and personal skills. Also, students can get benefit from other things by traveling abroad like problem-solving and discipline.

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