How to Travel Rome to Florence by Car, Bus, Train or Plane? A Complete Guide

How to Travel Rome to Florence by Car, Bus, Train or Plane

Rome is famous for its unique historical sites, rich culture, and vibrant street life. On the other hand, Florence is the birthplace of the Italian fashion industry. The distance between Rome & Florence is only 170 and you can cover it by car, train, and plane.

Wondering about how to travel Rome to Florence? Wonder no more. In this helpful guide, we are going to share how you can travel Rome to Florence. All your queries on traveling Rome to Florence have been answered in this blog post. Read on!

How to Travel Rome to Florence by Car?

Travel Rome to Florence by Car
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Traveling from Rome to Florence by car is as simple as traveling in your car on the highway. When you travel by car, the average time to reach Florence by car is 3 or 4 hours. If time is short or you won’t want to travel for long 3,4 hours, it is recommended to travel by car.

However, when you drive from Rome to Florence, some famous places lie between these two cities. But the best way to explore these places is by planning a full-day tour to explore these places. These famous places are:

  • Cortona
  • Assisi
  • Orvieto

Both of Italy’s cities are old cities with narrow streets where mobility of modern traffic is complicated. Also, old towns in Rome and Florence are the places where permit is only given to local drivers who have enough idea of how to drive on narrow streets.

If you travel in a large group, it is recommended to limit your mobility or not to drive on your own.

It’s best to arrange a private car transfer without worrying about car rental logistics.

Is it Possible to Travel from Rome to Florence by Bus?

Travel to Florence by Bus
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Yes, you can travel from Rome to Florence by bus in just 3-4 hours but it depends on time in which you are traveling. If you want to travel during peak times, there are chances that you can reach Florence in 4 or more than 4 hours.

Some travelers want to travel overnight just to save one night’s accommodation. One thing to clear here that bus stations are located outside both city’s center.

So, if you want travel overnight, you have to plan for taxi or private car transfer to go to bus station from the city’s center. Public buses and trams usually stop operating at midnight and start after 5:00 am.

Bus Prices

Prices vary between

  • $10 to $20 average
  • $30 during peak times
  • $5 during off-peak times

Amenities in Bus

  • Large chilled AC’s
  • Comfortable seats

Famous Bus Companies

  • MarinoBus
  • Autoservizi Salemi
  • Flixbus
  • Itabus

Rome to Florence by Train

Travel to Florence by Train
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Other than cars and buses, the train is considered one of the most convenient and effective ways to travel from Rome to Florence. The high-speed train usually takes 1-1.5 hours’ time and it’s the least time as compared to car and bus.

With high-speed train journeys, you can easily enjoy a day trip from Rome to Florence if you have limited time to explore both cities. But if you have plenty of time, it is recommended to explore both of these cities comfortably as there are various things to do in Rome & Florence.

Famous Train Stations

  • Termini
  • Tiburtina
  • Trenitalia

Secret Tips!

  • Book your high-train reservations in less popular timings to avail yourself of cheaper prices. Advance booking is good.
  • If you are flexible to stop at different towns, it is recommended to go for regional train journeys. Their prices are 30% cheaper as compared to high train journeys.

Rome to Florence by Plane

Rome to Florence by Plane
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No doubt travel from Rome to Florence by Plane takes lower time as compared to bus, train and car but also you have to pay more for it.

Rome’s Fiumicino Airport operates direct domestic flights through ITA Airways to Florence Airport. It takes less than 1 hour (55 mins) to reach Florence airport from Rome.

Both cities’ airports are located just 30 to 60 minutes far away from their respective town centers. So, we do not recommend it especially for domestic travelers especially when you are short on time.

Various European cities offer flights to Florence’s international airport but travelers usually want to fly into Rome. You can go for the flight option if you want start your trip from Florence when want to explore Italy.

Ticket Price Starts from


Which One is the Best Way to Travel from Rome to Florence?

Florence city
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Whether you want to travel by car, bus, train or plane, all the commuting ways are best. It all depends on which you feel comfortable. Now, we are going to guide you on how all these options are best in different scenarios:

1. Bus

Bus will be a suitable option for:

2. Rent Car/ Private Car

Renting a car or driving a private car on your own is the best option when:

  • You want to travel independently while exploring famous towns between these destinations.
  • You have spare and enough time to travel for a longer time without any issues.
  • Private car transfer is also a budget-friendly option especially when you want to travel in larger groups.

3. Train

High-speed train would be one of the best options:

  • When you are day tripper and have short time as high speed trains can easily get you to Florence in less time.
  • Also, train prices are reasonable as compared to planes and cars.

4. Plane

The flight would be one of the best options when:

  • You will directly fly into Rome’s airport. You catch the Florence flight on the spot without indulging yourself in the hassle of getting to the bus or station.

Final Words!

How to travel Rome to Florence? Whether you crave the speed of a train, the flexibility of a car, or the ease of a bus, there’s a perfect option waiting for you. Consider your budget, timeframe, and travel style to choose your ideal transportation.

For a comfortable and hassle-free journey, the high-speed train is the best option.  If you want to go for a budget-friendly option with frequent departures, the bus is a reliable choice.  For maximum flexibility and the chance to explore charming towns along the way, renting a car might be the best fit.

No matter how you choose to travel, relax and enjoy the beautiful Italian countryside as you journey between these two historic cities.


1. What is the easiest way to get from Rome to Florence?

Traveling by train is one of the easiest ways to get from Rome to Florence. The traveling cost of high-speed trains is reasonable and you can easily get into Florence city conveniently without any hassle.

2. Is Florence worth a day trip from Rome?

Yes, Florence is worth a day trip from Rome as you can explore amazing attractions between the ways of these two cities. The food scenes in Florence are also unique and delicious so it would be one of the best experiences for you.

3. What is the cheapest transport from Rome to Florence?

The bus is the cheapest transport from Rome to Florence. Undoubtedly, bus can take more time as compared to other modes of transportation but you can travel in cheap prices especially when you are low on budget.

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