Can You Bring Flowers on a Plane Internationally? Here’s What You Need To Know

Can You Bring Flowers on a Plane Internationally

Are you planning to travel on a plane internationally and wondering “Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?” We are going to discuss and answer all the questions in this blog. Keep reading!

Traveling with flowers can be a bit challenging especially when you travel from one country to another. Different airlines have different regulations for bringing flowers on a plane. In this way, it’s good to check with airline requirements earlier to avoid any grievances.

This guide explores crucial considerations and guidelines surrounding traveling with flowers.

Can You Bring Flowers on a Plane Internationally?

Bringing Flowers on an International Plane
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Yes, you can bring flowers on a plane internationally but only when you acquire a phytosanitary certificate or some adherence to specific packaging requirements.

Also, you need to check airline regulations earlier whether they will allow or not to bring flowers on a plane. Just like airlines, some countries are not allowed to enter their country with flowers so check it too early.

TSA Guidelines on Bringing Flowers on a Plane

TSA Guidelines on Bringing Flowers on a Plane
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Transport Security Administration usually welcomes guests with flowers on a plane with the following rules & regulations:


  • Freshly cut flowers are allowed as long as they are water-free and soil.
  • Put dried flowers with other stuff.

Tinny potted plants are allowed but ensure that you check airline guidelines earlier too.

 Not Allowed

  • Soil flowers and plants are not allowed so keep them soil-free before traveling internationally.
  • Fruits and vegetables are not allowed.
  • Flower containers that are filled with water will not be allowed. Other than flower containers, you can use sealed water tubes and floral foam (moist).

How to Pack Flowers When Travel Internationally?

Pack Flowers When Travel Internationally
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If you are planning to bring flowers on the plane when traveling internationally, here are some of the travel tips to pack them properly:

  • You need to pack flowers protectively so they won’t get damaged or squashed. It is recommended to place flowers in hard-sided carriers.
  • Try to keep your flowers at an adequate temperature where they won’t get damaged due to excessive heat.
  • Before leaving for your flight, ensure that your flowers are hydrated enough.
  • Try to pack flowers in paper and avoid wrapping them in plastic. Once you pack your flowers in paper, secure your paper with a rubber band, not tape.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh on Plane?

Keep Flowers Fresh on Plane
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It’s not easy to keep flowers fresh on the plane as you have to avoid your flowers from hydration issues. You can keep your flowers fresh on the plane with these tips:

1. Hydration is Key

Before going onto the flight, ensure that you hydrated your flowers with plenty of water. You can do it with a fresh cut on stems before packing or soaking water beneath flowers. By doing so, your flowers won’t get damaged during the flight and stay fresh during the whole flight.

2. Protecting Your Flowers

You can protect your flowers on a plane in different ways. It is recommended to pack flowers adequately according to TSA regulations. Other than TSA regulations, you can use other alternative methods like:

  • Damp paper towels for stem hydration.
  • Use Breathable wrapping materials like paper would be one of the best options.
  • Consider a sturdy box or container for extra protection.

3. Maintain Freshness

Without maintaining freshness at altitude, you cannot keep your flowers fresh, especially on long-haul flights. You have to store flowers in an ideal in-flight storage location where there are no overhead compartments or heat sources. Also, you can keep your flowers fresh by misting the flowers with water (if allowed by your airline).

4. Protect Flowers from Direct Sunlight

It might be possible that you have a window seat on a plane where there’s exposure to direct sunlight. In this case, you have to protect your flowers from direct sunlight. You can protect flowers from sunlight by placing your flowers in a carry-on covered corner or beneath the front seat of the plane.

Different Airline Policies on Bringing Flowers

Airline Policies

When planning to bring flowers on a plane, each airline has its own set of rules and regulations. Here, we break the policies of various major airlines on bringing flowers:

1. Emirates

Emirates allows passengers to bring flowers on the plane as long as they are properly packaged, and secured and do not disturb other passengers on the plane.

2. JetBlue

JetBlue also allows you to bring flowers in the cabin and checked baggage. They usually recommend passengers to bring flowers only if they won’t create water leakage issues.

3. American Airlines

They allow fresh flowers in both checked baggage and carry one with some packing instructions. Also, they put the ultimate focus on reading other destination’s rules on bringing flowers especially when traveling outside the U.S.

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways also welcomes fresh flowers on the plane. They allow you only when you fulfill conditions like secure and leak-proof packaging.

5. Air Canada

You can bring flowers in both carry-on and checked baggage until you ensure the flowers are packaged properly. They urge passengers to bring flowers in secure packaging that won’t create any issues during flight.

Some Extra Valuable Tips While Traveling with Flowers

Other than the above-mentioned tips and recommendations, you should follow some of the following tips when traveling with flowers internationally:

1. Check Airline Policies

Before booking your ticket or heading towards to airport, ensure that you read and understand the airline policies. Each airline has its own rules and regulations on bringing flowers onto the plane. Being informed earlier will help you save from last-minute unbelievable surprises. So, it’s good to stay informed earlier.

2. Consider Destination Rules

Not only do you have to keep airline rules in mind while traveling internationally. But also, you need to check country or destination rules and regulations about bringing flowers to your destination. Some destinations require documentation to allow entry of flowers.

3. Choose Hard-variety Flowers:

Not all flowers are kept fresh on a plane. Hard-variety flowers like roses and sunflowers are difficult to prone to damage on a plane. Also, it is recommended not to travel with overly fragrant flowers as it may create inconvenience issues for other passengers.

Wrapping Up!

Now you get answered your question “Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?” We thoroughly explained rules & regulations, tips to keep flowers fresh on a plane, and different airline’s policies on bringing flowers.

Bringing flowers on international flights can be tricky. While possible, few airline regulations often require permits or specific packaging. Consider alternative gifts or pre-ordering flowers at your travel destination to avoid hassle and ensure your blooms arrive fresh.


1. Can flowers go through airport security?

Yes, flowers go through airport security without water. Also, you need to ensure that your flowers are packed securely and properly. If it’s packed accurately, then there’s no need to worry about it.

2. Can you bring dried flowers on a plane internationally?

Most airlines do not allow dried flowers on a plane internationally especially plants without soil. But before entering into plane, you can read airline rules and regulations earlier to get an idea.

3. Are plants allowed in checked luggage?

Yes, it’s normally allowed in checked luggage but again you have to check airline rules earlier. Also, make sure that the plant will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the airplane’s seat.

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