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We enjoy receiving travel-related content submissions. (write for us + travel | travel write for us | write for us travel). They’re an excellent method to share your experience and interact with those who are interested in what you have to say. Plus, if you write for us, we’ll promote your content on social media to ensure maximum visibility!

We Adore Travel Guest Bloggers: Write for us. Travel

We adore sharing our readers’ trip stories. We aim to help you gain exposure, establish your brand, expand your business, and reach new customers.

What if you don’t need more time to write a blog post? What if you can’t contact someone who can write one? So, we’ve got an answer for that too! 

We know how to do SEO correctly.

For search engines, we know how to write.

We work with a team of skilled writers constantly looking for what is and isn’t working in the industry. 

We’re continuously trying new travel material, stories, ideas and improving our methodology to identify what works best for our readers.

Our audience is Engaging, Loyal, and Interested in finding out what you want to say. 

As a rapidly developing travel website, we understand our clientele is devoted. They want to hear what you say about the locations they love and continuously seek new places that inspire them. 

Our Write for Us travel blog team has been working for four years and has amassed a following of dedicated readers who trust us with their time and money by returning to our site regularly. 

If you’re looking at other travel websites or blogs to see if your work might be allowed on ours, consider the following: We’ve been doing this since 2018; few sites provide similar experiences to ours!

The same is true for any write-for-us travel content that we write – they’re all published under our brand name (Touripia), so anyone who reads one of these articles can easily find out more about us as well as follow us on social media accounts like Twitter or LinkedIn, where we share travel tips and tricks exclusively for travel bloggers! 

How Do You Submit Your Travel Content on Our Website?

We are not too strict…! You only need to compose a travel article at least 800-2500 words long. 

Once you’ve finished writing, email your essay to us in Google Docs format. One of our team members will proofread it, and once it is approved, we’ll publish it on our website in just 1 to 2 days.

Please Analyze the Write for Us Travel Post requirements below:

  • The content needs to be 100% unique.
  • Minimum 800 words article.
  • AI-Generated content of any type and foam is not accepted.
  • Articles images should be non-copyrighted.
  • Sentence length should be at most 20 words. 
  • Active voice should be used most often, and passive voice should be avoided.
  • Spin and promotional content are not acceptable.
  • You can include entrepreneurs, Wikipedia, business insiders or any other high-authority travel site in the article.
  • Spammed, promotional and dead links are not permitted.
  • Where Content is most relevant, backlinks will be provided.
  • At least one internal and external link should be added (depending on the content quality)
  • Sexual and adult Content is not allowed. Crypt, CBD or any other type of harmful Content is not acceptable.
  • The document must have at least three subheadings and should be in Doc. x format.

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