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Contact Details: 

Full name of Company: Touripia, Travel information website

Email Address: info [@]

It is crucial for you know to that we contain accurate and updated data relating to you. Please notify us about any alteration in your data by emailing us at info[@]

Privacy Policy: 

We carefully consider your security and are focused on maintaining it. The main objective of the privacy policy is to keep you well-informed about how we collect the data and how it is utilized. This acknowledgment applies to this site only.

What type of information do we collect, and how is it utilized?

Information you volunteer to submit to the website: We may collect personal information, including your email address and name. For example, you willingly submit data by subscribing to a newsletter, offering contact information, and dropping a comment.

Data that we collect from others: We might collect data from different sources mentioned to you. For example, if you use third-party programming along the site, they may transfer the data to us for gratification. 

Auto-Collected Data: We automatically collect the exact data about you and the device you use to open the website. For example, when you open the website, we’ll log in to your working system, IP address, browser type, viewed pages, the time and date you access the website, and any referring sites. We’ll also collect information about your move using the website, such as your clicked links. 

Cookies: We can also collect data with the help of cookies, which are small information documents by the website, put away on your program. We use persistent cookies (which stay on your program until erased to provide a customized website understanding) and session cookies (which terminate when you close your program). 

How your information can be used?

Here are some ways that can be implemented to gather information;

  • To maintain and run the website. 
  • To advance promotional information like newsletters. Each promotional email will deliver information about opting out of future emails.
  • To fulfill administrative communications, including administrative emails, confirmation emails, technical notices, security alerts, and updated policies.
  • To answer your questions and comments.
  • To provide user support.
  • To calculate and stick to advertising on the website. 
  • To secure, warn, and inspect against unauthorized or illegal activity. 

Third-party use of personal data 

If you authorize it, your personal information will only be shared with third parties. 

Furthermore, our website relies on third-party service providers. Each third-party service provider uses your personal information under their respective privacy rules. The website will utilize the following third-party service providers: 

Google Analytics: This service will collect information about visitors to your website. Google Analytics will only collect IP addresses but not personal information. You may read Google’s privacy policy at the link given below.

Newsletters and Emails: 

This service is utilized for sending email updates and newsletters. Your name and email address are saved for future communications. Currently, your personal information is not disclosed with any other third-party applications. The list is updated from time to time at the website’s discretion. We will not distribute, sell, or disclose your personal information or email addresses without your approval unless required by law; however,we may discover or move personal information collected through the website to the third party who gets all or some part of our business, which may be a result of a consolidation, merger, or acquisition of all or a part of our assets, or in association with any bankruptcy or rearrangement bought against or by us. 

Anonymous data:

We may occasionally use anonymous information that does not identify you specifically or information from third parties. This anonymous information may be disclosed to third parties for marketing, advertising, or other purposes. Information or analytics gathered from cookies will be examples of anonymous data. 

Information Visible Publicly

If you create a user profile or leave a remark on the website, some of your information may become public.


This website uses cookies to save visitors’ preferences, capture client explicit data on the sites that clients access or view, ensure that visitors are not again served similar banner advertising, and adapt website content based on the visitor’s program type or other data the visitor provides. Cookies may additionally be used by third-party services like Google Analytics, as outlined in this.  

Users can remove the cookie settings at any time by the website, with the help of your internet browser-related settings, or may deny the cookies permanently. Furthermore, functionally set cookies might be removed through a software program or an internet browser. This is comprehensible in all popular internet browsers. However, all the components of our website will be completely accessible if the client deactivates the cookies settings in the internet browser.  

Sponsored Content tracking pixels

This website may assist in sponsored campaigns with different influencer brands, agencies, and systems. All sponsored content is appropriately exhibited according to the FTC’s requirements. These sponsored campaigns use aka, web, beacon pixels, which might contain cookies to collect information related to the audience and use. 

Sponsored companies collect this data to follow the campaign results. The website does not utilize personal information related to these tracking pixels.

Affiliate Marketing Disclaimer

This website carries the links of those pages or products for which the financial remittance is received. If the links in the content, generate sales with customers’ use, we may pay back. You are not responsible for clicking any link or buying any promoted product. According to FTC guidelines, organizations may refund these websites through affiliate programs, advertising, or something else. Any credentials to third-party items, sites, or rates are accountable for change without notice. Please thoroughly examine before taking an appeal for any third-party offers. 


To access our most recent advertisements, you may sign up for our newsletter on our website. Perhaps there are tracking pixels in the newsletter. The pixel is fixed in emails and allows campaigns for online marketing to be evaluated for success. These tracking pixels allow us to discover whether and when you open an email that links to the email you click. Furthermore, this enables the website to modify the newsletter’s content in the future based on the customer’s interests. Third parties will not be authorized access to this behavior.

GDPR Liabilities 

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, you have certain rights and are eligible for specific information if you are a member of the European Union. Among these rights are:

  • Quit: You can quit future email communications by choosing the unsubscribe links in our emails. You can likewise inform us to unsubscribe from our mailing list. 
  • Access: By presenting a request to the Touripia Team using email, you can get your personal information. 
  • Alter: You can contact us at a given email to refresh or correct your data.
  • Forget: You can demand that we overlook or delete your personal information. You can hand over a request using the Contact Us form to do that.

We will retain any information you choose to send to us until the earlier of (a) your request that the data be deleted, (b) our decision to no longer use our current information providers, or (c) our determination that the expense of keeping it outweighs the information’s value. 

You maintain the right to file a complaint with an administrative body that oversees matters related to the general data protection legislation. 

We only need the necessary information to enter into a contract with you if we require your approval for any pointless processing for you to agree with us.

Personal Sensitive Information

You submit personal sensitive information to the website at no time. This includes your data regarding ethnic or race birthplace, social security number, religious convictions, political remarks, health data, trade union enrollment, or criminal foundation. If you submit any such data, it will be reliant upon this privacy policy.

Children’s Information

For children under 16, the website doesn’t gather any personal information. If, in any situation, a guardian or parent presumes that the website contains children’s personal information in its database, then they can contact them directly at a given email. We’ll do our best to remove such information from our database.