12 Underrated Summer Travel Ideas You Need to Try In 2024

12 Underrated Summer Travel Ideas You Need to Try In 2024

Summer is a peak vacation season in many parts of the world. But the most popular tourist destinations often get expensive or crowded during these peak months. In such cases, it might be time for you to visit someplace new, where there is less crowd. After all, the top underrated summer travel ideas are the ones where the most cherished memories are made. After doing a lot of research, here are some underrated travel spots for you to visit in 2024. 

1. Crystal River, Florida

Crystal River Florida

Located on Florida’s picturesque Gulf Coast, Crystal River is a mesmerizing haven where the beauties of nature and cultural legacy come together. This city, well-known for its tangled waterways and crystal-clear springs, invites tourists to explore its unique underwater environment, filled with mammal and other diverse marine species. 

The abundant population of these friendly marine mammals allows you to swim alongside them in their natural habitat! Take a boat tour of Crystal River’s enormous ecosystems, guided by an expert who will show you around the bay and springs. 

2. Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes New York

Finger Lakes, New York, is home to 11 small lakes shaped like fingers, each providing its own individual glimpse. However, Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake are the two most visited and largest. Every lake offers a different experience: breathtaking gorges, mouthwatering cuisine, small-batch wines, ciders, and beers from nearby vineyards and breweries.

For all travel enthusiasts looking for unique experiences, this is the perfect underrated summer travel destination for a week-long trip with family or friends. 

3. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia Italy

Sardinia, a region in the Mediterranean Sea, charm with its pristine beaches, glistening waves, and dramatic scenery. This place is a summer treasure often overlooked by most travelers. Sardinia offers so much more than stunning beaches and a coastline. 

The water here is crystal-clear, brushing against rugged coastal cliffs and pearl-white sands. While the long, warm days are ideal for lounging by the Mediterranean Sea’s azure waves, those seeking a more substantial vacation can head inland to see the island’s quaint towns, traditional food, and historic sites.

4. San Juan Island, Washington

San Juan Island Washington

It may surprise you that the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington State, have almost 400 little islands to explore. These blissful islands are reachable by seaplane or ferry boat and provide a peaceful haven. 

If you’re searching for a relaxing vacation with stunning scenery, whale viewing, and sailing chances, this is the most underrated summer travel idea. Vacationers can take advantage of the pleasant weather and laid-back environment by renting a bike, exploring the area, going sailing, hiking, fishing, or just taking a stroll to enjoy the island’s stunning scenery, including lakes and mountains.

5. Isle Royal National Park, Michigan

Isle Royal National Park Michigan

Isle Royal National Park is the ideal destination for a summer vacation. You can visit a region that hasn’t been much affected by modernization and will give you authentic experiences away from tourist crowds.

The main island is best accessed by ferry, making this park very challenging; the only other visitors are extreme adventurers and well-informed locals. Since Lake Superior is often chilly and foggy throughout the year, visiting in summer is ideal. 

6. Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo Mozambique

With its palm-tree promenades, lively nightlife, exquisite Portuguese colonial architecture, and delicious seafood—all without the crowd of safari tourists—Mozambique’s waterfront capital astonishes visitors.

Discovering Mozambique’s stunning beaches and wildlife areas begins in Maputo. The city’s restaurants offer a mouth-watering blend of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine, and its coastal promenade gives spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. 

7. Lake Lure, North Carolina

Lake Lure North Carolina

Lake Lure remains an excellent summertime destination. About 27 miles from Asheville, it is located in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. On a hot day, visitors can cool off in the lake or ascend more than 300 feet to the summit of Chimney Rock for a bird’ s-eye perspective of the surroundings. 

Asheville is approximately one hour’s drive from the lake, which is located in the foothills of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Several outdoor activities are accessible, including hiking, rock climbing, and other water sports.

8. Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

Voyageurs National Park Minnesota

True to its nickname as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota contains over 40% water and is one of the least frequented national parks in the lower 48 Making it an underrated summer travel ideas. Because of the region’s northern position and dark skies, the Northern Lights can occasionally be seen at night.

9. Khajjiar Lake, India

Khajjiar Lake India

Situated in Himachal Pradesh, it provides a calm haven for both the body and soul, making it a worthwhile summertime vacation that is often overlooked. Khajjiar Lake, also referred to as the “Mini Switzerland of India,” is a 1920-meter-high hidden jewel nestled among lush evergreen trees.

Beyond its scenic charm, the lake lures guests with unusual features like the floating island, which invites participation in extreme sports like horseback riding, zorbing, and paragliding. Furthermore, the stunning views of Mount Kailash on clear days further the attractiveness of Khajjiar Lake, making it a top choice for underrated summer travel ideas.

10. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge Georgia

If you’re dreading the clean mountain air this summer, Blue Ridge has perspectives just as magnificent as Gatlinburg but with a more relaxed vibe that gives you more space from the crowd. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain region, the resort town is easily accessible by car from most cities in the Southeast, providing a convenient summertime getaway opportunity to disconnect and re-establish a connection with nature. 

Despite remaining loyal to its history, Blue Ridge is also home to several posh stores, award-winning vineyards, and craft brewers that provide a well-earned way to relax after a day of outdoor tour.

11. McCall, Idaho

McCall Idaho

This small Idaho town is an adventure playground, whether snow or sun. Enjoy the clean mountain air whether you ride a bike, horse, kayak, float, or hike. You may enjoy the water and hiking trails during summer because McCall is between Payette Lake, Little Payette Lake, and the Payette National Forest

 While visiting McCall, relax in one of the area’s hot springs, go fishing, and see some wildlife at the Payette River. Summer camp is still going strong after a day at the lake and some ice cream in the city.

12. Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake California

The San Bernardino Mountains’ Big Bear Lake offers an alluring alternative with seven miles of summer activities and crystal-clear blue skies. Big Bear Lake, the most underrated travel destinationis located two hours outside Los Angeles and provides a wide range of water sports, from sophisticated water skiing to leaner paddle board lessons. 

Big Bear Lake is home to the 8,000-foot-high Summit Bike Park and hundreds of miles of cross-country routes. Reside in a lakeside house, which can range in size from modest cottages to expansive estates, and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes every morning.


These underrated summer travel ideas enable visitors to explore a destination’s culture and discover its people more meaningfully than popular tourist destinations, which frequently offer generic experiences to appeal to a wide range of visitors. Therefore, while planning your summer vacations, it may be beneficial to consider destinations not commonly visited by tourists but offer a chance for meaningful discovery and personal development. 

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