15 Unique Off The Beaten Path Things to Do in New Orleans

15 Unique Off The Beaten Path Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans is the most iconic attraction in the United States. It is famous as a city of culture fun and music and a lot of Off The Beaten Path Things to Do in New Orleans . It invites tourists of the world every year to experience the music, culture, history, and mouthwatering cuisine. Thus, this amazing place is highly recommended by travelers who already visit it, for off-the-beaten-path things to do in New Orleans.

Do you like adventures and doing new things? Then, New Orleans is your next destination, because It lets to do off-the-beaten-path things in New Orleans and enjoy a high-end travel experience. Let’s discover 15 exciting things in this complete guide.

List of Amazing Off The Beaten Path Things to Do in New Orleans

Adventurous things and tours always bring plenty of fun and let us collect memories. Now, it’s time to know, what crazy thing can enhance the fun of your travel.

1. Backstreet Cultural Museum

Visit Backstreet Museum is one of the Coolest things to do in New Orleans. It is located in the neighborhood of Treme and represents the significant culture, history, and community of New Orleans.  It is the world’s biggest museum that preserves ancient culture and heritage.

This museum is open to the public and every year thousands of travelers come to see the culture and heritage.

2. Riverboat Cruise

You will find different riverboats like paddleboats and cruises to explore New Orleans and see its beauty.  The two most famous and well-known cruises are “Creole Queen Paddlewheeler and Steamboat Natchez”. Further, the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler was built in 1983 that started in nn1950. The queen creole is featured with 24-foot paddlewheels, giving a touch of elegance and safety.

3. Ride The Streetcars

Riding in the streets with streetcars is another exciting thing to do in New Orleans. Actually, these streets are the first passenger railroads in the united states that still operating and they relate to the world’s oldest railroads. Literally, experiencing a ride is just amazing. With this ride, you can go in small streets, where you can talk with locals to know about their culture and history.

4. Shopping at Frenchman Art Market

Frenchmen Art Market is an open market in New Orleans that is open at night. It features art, creative crafts created by local artists and jewelry. The opening timing of Frenchman Art Market in summer is:

  • Saturday & Monday to Thursday 8 pm to 1 am
  • Sunday 7 pm to midnight

5. Airboat Swamp Tour

If you looking to add something extra to your adventurous journey and admire the beauty of Louisiana, get an airboat tour. It will let you discover about the Atchafalaya Basin. When you are in the Airboat, you can get a chance to see alligators and other wildlife animals. So, it is essential to keep active throughout the journey.

6. Nightlife in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city of life, fun, and entertainment. If you are traveling in New Orleans, you must go out at night to experience the nightlife and its stunning jazz-filled air.

This city is famous for music, you will find all kinds of places to enjoy your night from cool rooftop restaurants to small cafes, or bars that not only boost your trip fun but offer chances to gather plenty of photos.

7. Go for A Ghost Tour

New Orleans is the most popular city in America for its ghost tours. The spirits of the dead roam still in the streets of the French Quarter. All stories are true historically haunting the locals of the city.

8. Carrollton Station in New Orleans

New Orleans stands up in comedy and there are many comedies and weekly shows free to attend. Carrollton station hosts a show famous as “Think you are Funny?” on Wednesday at 9.00 pm. Going there and enjoying that show is one of the most witchy things to do in New Orleans.

9. Go to Jazz Club

Your trip remains incomplete if you didn’t go to a jazz club in New Orleans. It is such a unique traveling experience that you have to enjoy these golden moments without your phone. Yeah! The reason is that taking photos and videos of artists is forbidden in this club. You can go and just experience it by yourself.

10. Visit Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is the must-visit place for almost 70% of visitors. This street is located in the city’s French Quarter. Overall, it is the hub of live fantastic music, cafes, pubs, bars, and historic buildings. The combination of music and cuisine makes it the perfect place to go out for a night two, or three.

11. Discover 9th Ward

Discovering the 9th ward is remarkable in New Orleans. It is a place of new hope rising from Katrina. At this attraction, travelers can see unique colorful home that were rebuilt after storms. After all, it is one of the most exciting and daring things to do in New Orleans.

12. Visit Frenchman Street

Are you searching for hot attractions in New Orleans? Well, nothing can be a better option than Frenchman Street. It is known as a hidden gem of New Orleans and the best spot to experience live music. The melody of jazz, ragged, and blue spills make the atmosphere vibrant and visiting this street boosts your fun time.

13. Explore Lafayette

Lafayette is just a 2-hour distance drive from New Orleans. You can easily visit Lafayette in a day if you have plenty of time. However, if busy you must need 2 to 3 days to discover a visit its beauty. In addition, Lafayette is a great destination for visitors who looking to experience the Cajun culture and history of southern Louisiana along with exploring beautiful places.

14. Wednesday in a Square

Travelers explore on a budget, Wednesday in the Square offers a free concert every week. At this place, you will find a variety of music and styles. Jazz, rock Latina are the most famous music concerts that are held weekly free of cost. If you are in New Orleans, you have to visit Wednesday square not only to enjoy different music but also to explore it further

15. Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located in a city park, in New Orleans. Discovering the beauty of this garden is an adventurous thing to do in New Orleans. It is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city. Visitors can enjoy a massive series of trees, flowers, roses, gardens, lakes, waters and lily ponds. It is the best place to visit for gardening lovers.

Summing Up

New Orleans is the world’s most cultural spot to explore history, experience live music and heritage. Beyond, attractions, there are 15 off the beaten path things to do in New Orleans to maximize the fun of your adventures.  

New Orleans is a hub of airboats, riverboats, museums, Frenchmen Street & Art markets. Plus, the live music, different cultures along with diverse cuisines there are a lot of things to do in New Orleans.

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